There are currently very few pending theatrical screenings, and we are focusing on sales of the DVD. Many thanks to all who have attended.
  June 5 Bologna, Italy Biografilm Festival    
  Aug. 19 Chicago, IL Chicago Underground Film Festival
  Aug. 18 Columbus, OH the Ohio State Univ.
  July 25 &
Aug. 8
Melbourne Melbourne International
Film Festival
  July 5 & 7 Prague
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
  Jun 18, 1:15PM Oxford, MS
Oxford Film Festival
  Jun 16, 9:30PM Washington D.C.
  Jun 13, 5PM Toronto
North by Northeast
  April 23 Dallas, TX
USA Film Festival
  March 17 Austin, TX
  Sept. 5 &
Sept. 9
Chicago, IL Gene Siskel Film Center    
  Sept. 10-16 Boston, MA Coolidge Corner Theatre    
  Sept. 16 Vancouver, BC Indie Music Video Festival    
  Sept. 17 Victoria, BC Antimatter Film Festival    
  Sept 24-27 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Cinema Paradiso    
  Sept. 28-29 Columbia, MO Ragtag Cinemacafe    
  Oct. 1 Calgary, Alberta Calgary International Film Festival    
  Oct. 1 & 3 Cleveland, OH Cleveland Museum of Art    
  Oct. 2 Montreal Pop Montreal    
  Oct. 3 Minneapolis, MN Sound Unseen Film Festival    
  Oct. 5 London, UK Raindance Film Festival    
  Oct. 6 & 7 Houston, TX Rice Cinema    
  Oct. 16 & 17 Seattle, WA NW Film Forum    
  Oct. 21 Madison, WI Starlight Cinema,
University of Wisconsin
  Oct 22 - 25 Edmonton, Alberta Metro Cinema    
  Oct 26 Athens, GA 40 Watt Club    
  Oct. 27 Atlanta, GA The Earl    
  Nov. 5th - ? Tuscon, AZ the Loft Cinema    
  Nov. 5 Detroit, MI Detroit Film Center    
  Nov. 8-11 Winnipeg Winnipeg Film Group    
  Nov. 11-12 Pittsburgh, PA Three Rivers Film Festival    
  Nov. 14 Concord, NH SNOB film festival    
  Nov. 15-17 Albuquerque, NM the Guild Cinema    
  Nov. 18 Huntington, NY Cinema Arts Centre    
  Nov. 19-24 NYC Anthology Film Archives    
  Nov. 22 Austin, TX Alamo Draft House    
Jan. 13
Ann Arbor, MI
  Jan. 14 Portland, OR Northwest Film Center    
  Jan. 18-27 Hamilton, ON Staircase Cinema    
  Feb. 4-6 Toronto, ON the Royal Cinema    
  Feb. 8 Portland, ME Space    
  April 4 Bristol, UK Cube Cinema    
  April 5 Portland, OR Hollywood Theatre    
  April 27 Atlanta, GA the Earl    
  May 23 Kings Park, NY Smithtown Library, Kings Park Branch    
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